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On taking care of yourself.

Technology has created an immediate atmosphere; can you survive?

Taking the time to take care of yourself has gotten, well, pretty difficult. We are up against the demands of family, school, friends, social calendars and work; all of which are driven by the fast-paced environment technology has created. We are moving faster than any other generation before us.

How we make our environments more palpable, is up to us. It's in the decisions we make and the risks we take; but more importantly it's in the the promises we make -- to ourselves. The promise to take care of ourselves and our well being.

Joining a union can resolve a significant portion of job stressors. A union contract will make your work life much more predictable and provide multiple, written guarantees that protect vacations, raises, schedules, retirement plans, affordable health care options and earn you and your coworkers respect from management. It will also give you the peace of mind that a larger group, the UFCW has got your back.

Working together toward one common goal is how we build bargaining power and how we build strong, healthy and happy communities. Join the movement by placing an inquiry here:

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