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Know Your Rights

It is important to know your rights as a worker so that you can't be taken advantage of. Here is a breakdown of what you and your employer can and cannot do legally in the state of Michigan.

Our Legal Labor Rights as Documented & Undocumented Workers:

    • Join a union
    • Attend a union meeting on our own time
    • Talk to a union organizer
    • Declare ourselves as union supporters
    • Assist in forming a union
    • Even if we do not yet have a union, we are allowed to engage in a “concerted effort” with two or more workers to improve our working conditions

Employers are forbidden by law to engage in certain conduct. It is ILLEGAL for our employer to…

    • Threaten us with discharge or punishment if you engage in union activity
    • Threaten to shut down business if we form a union
    • Prevent us from recruiting union members during non-working hours
    • Question us about union matters, union meetings, or union supporters
    • Ask whether we belong to a union or have signed up to join a union
    • Transfer or assign us to a less desirable work assignment because of our union activity
    • Threaten to terminate our benefits because we unionize
    • Threaten to lay you off in retaliation for joining a union
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