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    Over 40,000 workers in Michigan have a UFCW contract, with 1.3 million nationwide.

    Join the movement by declaring your interest with an authorization card, below.

    Signing this card does not make you a union member. Rather, it is a declaration that you want there to be an official election run by the National Labor Relations Board where you and your co-workers vote via secret ballot to decide if there will be a union. At no point in the process will your employer see this card. You do not have to tell anyone that you signed; however, the more open you are with your union activity, the more you are protected from retaliation from your employer. The right of you and your coworkers to engage in "concerted activity" (read: union activities) is protected by the National Labor Relations Act.

  • On Organizing a Union at Work

    Organizing a union at your workplace is the one thing you can do to bring predictability, fairness and accountability to your job. Workers all over southeast Michigan are already enjoying UFCW 876 protections by securing better wages, better benefits and a better life with a union contract.

    Video: Meet Lucy.

    Lucy finds her job riddled with issues that really get her down. Favoritism, unpredictable scheduling, no wage increases, push back from management when asking to take time off work for appointments and even emergencies. She got fed up then stepped up to organize a union. Now Lucy is protected by a union contract!

  • How it works

    Five Steps to a better life. Download this flyer, here. 


    Discovering common ground.

    Start a conversation with your coworkers. Quickly discover that their concerns about wages and benefits match yours.


    Signing authorization cards.

    Signing an authorization lets us know you are sincere in your intent to gain a voice at work. (that is the form at the top of this site).


    Filing cards and going public.

    A majority of signed authorization cards are filed with the National Labor Relations Board, NLRB, to seek recognition. When approved, an election date is set.


    Voting yes on a union contract.

    With the NLRB's approval; workers can now vote yes to have a union contract.


    Bargaining for a better life.

    The day you worked hard for. You get to decide whether you like the new wages, benefits and working conditions proposed. You can vote to accept or reject it.

  • Five steps to forming a union at work

    Building a better life begins with the first step, download a flyer here. 

  • Why people organize

    Your hard work deserves a guaranteed vacation, raises, schedule, retirement and fair treatment.

    Don't settle for less. You're worth it.



    Management will always try to keep wages as low as possible in order to increase profits on your backs. But the truth is, they would not have a company if they didn't have workers. By standing together, workers can exert their power to bargain for a fair, living wage.


    When you invest your time as an employee of a company, we believe they have the responsibility to invest in you by supporting you with proper benefits, such as healthcare, dental, vision, vacation time, and a 401K.

    Working Conditions

    From scheduling practices to workplace safety standards, these should not be determined by management without input from the workers.

    Job Security

    By standing together with your coworkers, you can go from being an at-will employee to being a just-cause employee with seniority rights that grow the longer you keep working. And you'll have a union to back you up if management tries to ignore your rights.

  • What We Do

    With so much that needs to change to support Michigan's workforce, we approach our goals from many different angles.

    Empowering Workers

    YOU Have the Power to Change Your Workplace.

    The UFCW 876 Organizing team is committed to helping workers acquire the tools they need to gain a real voice at work. As organizers, we focus on training the worker in developing relationships and building power, so that they can unite with their coworkers to win in the workplace.

    Fighting for Common Sense Solutions

    A Decent Job is Not a Pie-in-the-Sky Ask

    Today, more than ever, workers are faced with harsh political agendas, company takeaways, and corporate greed that prevents workers from getting the basic compensation they need to get by. Our organizing team is working to push back against this anti-worker agenda by advocating for solutions to the issues that affect working people every day. Please visit our issues page to learn more about what we are fighting for.

    Providing Resources to Working People

    We're Here to Help You Win.

    From preparing for your first interview to planning for retirement and everything in between, navigating the complex world of modern day American corporations is difficult. We support working people with a wide range of resources (online and in person) to help workers build a path towards a good job, career security, financial stability, and professional advancement.

    Building Coalitions

    We are Always Stronger Together.

    We are stronger as a group than we are as individuals. Community-based organizations, unions, faith-based institutions, elected officials, and individual supporters work together with the 876 Organizing team to advocate for better employment opportunities and hold employers accountable for unjust treatment of workers. We are always looking to build our network of allies, so please contact us if you’re interested in standing with us to support working people in Michigan.


    Strengthening Professional Networks

    Connecting Workers Across the State.

    Having positive professional relationships with individuals in your industry is an important aspect of your job. We bring workers together from across Michigan and is help to bridge the gap between people who do the same job for different companies. We sponsor social events and hold regular meetings where people have an opportunity to share and learn from those who have similar work and experiences.

  • Resources

    Information, Examples, and Ideas for Changing your Workplace

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